1- AI Data Analytics services

We use advanced algorithms in AI  that provides multiple products and services in domains of computer vision, NLP and NLU, Sentiment analysis, customer orders classifications and even more. 

Happy customer Using

NLP and faster  problem solving

Faster orders processing using classifications and MAchine learning

Know your customers 

Sentiment Analysis in social media and call centers

Analyze credentials faster using

Classifications & Intelligent Predictions

Processes & Data classifications Automation

Optimized Orders processing

Suspicious behavior Analysis

Data Analysis

2- AI Computer Vision services


People Behavior

Retail Analytics

Employees Behavior

                                                                  Safety compliance

Emotions detection



Product and object Classifications

Products Scanning and Identification

Objects anomalies detection: quality, compliance, accuracy, Authenticity

     Our Computer Vision Solutions 

 Attendance and visitor management

    Facial Expression Analysis

Retail Analytics & Customers Behavior

Object Detection and Localization

Products scanning using their images


Autonomous Retail Store

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